Unboxing ‘I Ditched Class and I Took a Bath’

‘I Ditched Class and I Took a Bath‘ documents Agathe Rousselle’s two week vacation in San Francisco following a breakup and personal crisis at home. The careening narrative follows Rousselle as she walks and parties her way to some inner peace, and ceiba’s excellent production reinforces the narrative and puts viewers in the center of it all.

Unboxing ‘The f/D Book of Pinhole’

The f/D Book of Pinhole: A global survey of pinhole photography is f/D‘s book of 100 pinhole photographs by 100 international photographers, edited by Kier Selinsky and Libby Duncan Selinsky. They don’t have copies for sale yet, but the Kickstarter rewards are arriving as I type. Mine came yesterday, and you’re seeing it here first…

Unboxing ‘Negative Feedback #1’

Negative Feedback #1 is the first irl magazine from George Muncey and the Negative Feedback team. With short photo essays from Damien Maloney, Liam Stock, Laurence Watts, and Tim Palman, and single images from nearly 20 contributors, Negative Feedback is an excellent collection of contemporary photography in the Alec Soth vein, with a heavy dose of disconnection and […]