Unboxing ‘Highway Kind’

Highway Kind collects images from Justine Kurland’s 2007 -2014 travels around the United States in a customized Astro Van, first with with her young son, Casper, then alone. Interspersed throughout are 8 very short stories by Lynn Tillman, character sketches, mostly, that add a bit flavor. The photographs were culled from a couple of bodies of […]

Unboxing ‘Dreamwalking – the Forest’

Isabel Curdes‘ Dreamwalking – the Forest is the finest, most precious zine I’ve seen. In fact, it’s really probably a travesty to call this thing a zine: completely handmade, stab-bound, and printed on fine Kozo paper, it oozes quality and attention to detail, and is a far cry from xeroxes at Kinkos.