Unboxing ‘Negative Feedback #1’

Negative Feedback #1 is the first irl magazine from George Muncey and the Negative Feedback team. With short photo essays from Damien Maloney, Liam Stock, Laurence Watts, and Tim Palman, and single images from nearly 20 contributors, Negative Feedback is an excellent collection of contemporary photography in the Alec Soth vein, with a heavy dose of disconnection and […]

Unboxing ‘In/Human’

In/Human collects 28 of Michael Fraser’s excellent street photographs from various world cities in a slim volume. If you like contemporary street work in high contrast black & white and color, don’t miss it. Fraser is a cancer researcher and photographer in Canada, and he has (or had) one of the best ‘About’ pages I’ve ever encountered. (As of […]