Just when you thought I was done with the Denver pictures, here I am, back with some more random garbage. Apologies. This really will be the last, until shortly after I get back there anyway.

I took two packs of Polaroid Black & Yellow Duochrome and Black & Blue Duochrome, with the intent of doing a bit of a shootout between the Mint SLR670-S and the Polaroid OneStep 2. If you paid any attention to the half dozen Denver posts, in all manner of formats, last fall, you know I was a bit schizophrenic in my shooting, what with 3 medium format (Yashica Mat-124, Holga 120N (with 645 mask), Debonaire), a cropped panoramic 35mm (Minolta Freedom Vista), and 2 35mm cameras (Holga 135BC, Olympus OM10), plus the two Polaroid cameras.

Suffice to say that I didn’t get to the Black & Blue Duochrome at all, and only shot about half a pack of the Black & Yellow while in Denver (or on the way back), and ended up finishing the packs over many weeks once I returned.

Given the 26 cameras I took along, you won’t be surprised to learn that I only took one tripod, and despite screwing mounts to both the Mint and OneStep, I mostly left the SLR670-S locked down. I thought, incorrectly it turned out, that I might be able to just hold the OneStep level and square and plumb. Oh well.

Once back, I took my time. I tried to match the scenes 1 for 1, but regularly missed exposure on one or the other of the cameras.

And it ends up that my favorite shot of the packs came out of the OneStep 2.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of the SLR670-S (and the manual focus Polaroid SX-70 cameras in general), but I really don’t shoot with it enough to get a handle on exposure and my individual copy’s quirks. The manual options through the Polaroid app make the OneStep 2 a real joy to shoot, and I’m glad I grabbed one—through my employer’s GoodJob, pat-on-the-back program administered by Bravo!—when I did.

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