Don’t read too much into the title… It really is just a walk in the park.

Well, maybe there are a couple of other things to say…

First off, the Lomo LC-A 120 is a fine camera. One slight flaw in it is that it has no start line that I can see or determine. When I loaded the roll, I took a picture of where I left the start line:


And this was frame 12… Yes, that’s the end of the film on the right…

Start Line too far-Frame 12

So the Start Line needs to start as close to the door latch as possible, I think…

And, second, Bergger Pancro 400 in 120 is curly, especially when it’s been stored for several years in the fridge. Thanks to the excellent Pixl-Latr, I scan rolls without cutting the film. And so here is the first take on frame 7:

Frame Seven-CURLY film

I sorta like it… Fun times.

I developed this roll in Rodinal, 1:25 for 9 minutes. Yes, yes, the MassiveDevChart gives 8 minutes for Rodinal 1:25, but I had a roll of Ilford Delta 100 in the tank alongside, and meant to split the difference (at 8.5 minutes) but ended up going for 9 minutes. There might be a minute’s worth of overdevelopment in some of the blacks, but I don’t really know. Good blacks, good whites, a nice walk, good times.

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