In the spirit of “just find some pictures to post, jerk,” I present 9 photographs shot from the driver’s seat of my car, largely to finish out a roll I started in Arkansas back in late July (2021). Enjoy!


So what to say about these that hasn’t already been said? I came back from vacation too early, maybe? Maybe. I haven’t even started developing film or scanning polaroids yet, and since I restarted with a couple of Anna Fox reviews, I need some sort of content for today. Would that I could be bothered to develop film in a timely manner. There are about 3, maybe 4 posts awaiting film developing—a trip to Houston; a recent unnamed trip; Holga Week 2021; some random stuff from the Minolta Freedom Vista—and rather than do any developing, I just grabbed what might plausibly pass for a post. Go me, I guess…

This is all so clutch, I’m thinking I should turn it into a zine… Can I make a quick narrative? Maybe a sort of road movie?


Well, I did anyway, and the zine kinda works, maybe! Feel free to download and give it a try: just 3 pieces of paper and a bunch of ink, and you too can score another free zine from James!


Lucky you.

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