If shooting a roll of Kodak Ektachrome in the Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim wasn’t enough, I figured it needed a buddy… after all, I’m always one to develop in 2s or 3s, and with my wariness over E6 chemicals being what it is, I figured it was a good idea to shoot an even number.

So did I shoot it in a decent camera? The FM3a, maybe with the 50 1.2? Or maybe something quirky and hipstery, like maybe the LC-A or LC-W? Did I at least use something with auto-exposure that could maybe get close to accurate exposures with finicky slide film?

Please. That would require some actual thought…



If you couldn’t guess by the 3-pics-in-one, yes, silly me shoved a roll of Ektachrome into the RETO 3D.

Sheesh. Was I even thinking?


Well, actually, yes. I was thinking I might compare/contrast the RETO and the Minuta Stereo, and I still might one day.

But not today.

If you missed my review of the RETO, it’s a Kickstarted, plastic, 35mm 3D camera, that shoots three nearly identical, nearly half frame sized images, from three lenses, with every press of the shutter. Good times, I guess, though until I loaded this roll of Ektachrome, I’d put exactly one roll through it…

Its not that it’s a bad camera at all, it’s just that if I want half frame, I reach for the LC-W, and if I want stereo or 3d, well, I usually don’t, but recently it’s been all about the marvelous Minuta Stereo.

Still. The RETO 3D is capable of making interesting images, I guess. Just the three frames together look nice enough


and you can show them all together, or split them up and share the individual images or take them into the Gimp and turn them into wiggle gifs.


With decent enough alignment, the wiggle gifs can be interesting enough, I guess, though I’m not much of a pro at aligning them.


The only time it really doesn’t work is when or if you try to go vertical (or, rather, horizontal)…

I mean, it works ok if you share all three, I guess.


And it works fine one at a time


I guess someone other than me (or maybe a future me, though he would necessarily be someone other than me) could divine an interesting use case for the uppy downy wiggle gif, maybe.

One of the big drawbacks to the plastic lenses on the RETO, though, is that they all flared differently. The Minuta Stereo twin pinholes also flare slightly differently, but the RETO is egregious, and flares far more readily.


I think it handled the Ektachrome just fine, don’t you?


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