Nahea An’s Perversión subverts advertising tropes and calls attention to the sexualization and exploitation of female bodies. Sex sells, sure, but in the age of #metoo these sorts of détournement are useful and necessary reminders.

For Perversión, An modified advertising images, removing the products and leaving behind depersonalized snippets of female forms. Are these bits of bare skin the main thrust of the ads? Sure. Of course. It doesn’t much matter if we’re selling lingerie, sunglasses, vacations, dinette sets, or anything else, as long as there’s some languorous, partly or mostly naked woman draped across the page. And removing the products and backgrounds, leaving only the bare skin behind, reveals the artificiality of the poses, the ludicrous nature of the gestures and painful-seeming twisting of limbs and torsos.

I flip through this little zine and just want more, but what’s here is probably enough. The message is clear, and the timing is just right.


Perversión remains available direct from Dashwood. Sadly, I was unable to locate a website for Nahea An, so the few pictures on Dashwood and the view you get from my unboxing video will have to suffice.

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