Some months ago (back in 2018), Lewis Bush ran a zine making workshop and put together a little guide for his students. I (and others) pestered him to make it more widely available over on Twitter, and in response to popular demand, he did!

This isn’t really a photobook or zine, per se. It’s rather a great little guide to making 10 different types of zines, from the classic “beak” type (see, for example, my zine: copies remain available for sale in my store) and single section zines, to more complex and surprising types, like spring structure, flag book, and fishbone fold (the last two created by artist Hedi Kyle).

Unrated, but highly recommended.

At time of writing, Bush was down to just a few copies left, so act fast. They’re pretty cheap £5 (plus shipping), and it’s a nice, clear resource for making 10 different types of zines. I look forward to trying a few, and mixing & matching a few. There are a couple of things I wondered how to do, and Bush’s guide gave me some great places to start.

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