My little nephew Daniyal turned 4 in the middle of Ramadan, and I shot one and only one camera for his party that the patient little guy had to wait all day for, since the adults (and his older sisters) were fasting.

Poor guy!

I purposefully shot the Konica Wai Wai and only the Konica Wai Wai for this, and I’m glad I did… It performed admirably, though when/if I shoot this camera at a nighttime event again, I’ll load some 800 or 1600 speed film in it, I think. The flash just isn’t that powerful.

Also, I’ll check the insides for what might have caused that line running through all the frames… it wasn’t there in the roll that the Wai Wai came with, so it’s something I did. (I’d check now, but it’s loaded with Bergger Pancro at the moment.)

Anyway, it was a good time with family, good food, and two cakes, lucky little guy.

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