Lithonia, GA 2018

Fuji Superia X-TRA 400 in the Ricoh 500 ME, developed and scanned at Old School Photo Lab, hence the weird colors. Had I scanned this myself, the RAW files would’ve had the headroom to tweak the white balance. Sadly, the little jpegs I got back from Old School do not. I’m thinking maybe they got confused: they had 2 rolls of Pro 400 H and 1 of Superia (plus 2 of Kodak Gold 200). The other 4 rolls came out mostly fine, color wise (though cropping was a bit sloppy  in some frames, as you can see above) and so maybe they applied the wrong color correction to this one? Or maybe the film was old and got hot sitting in the CVS for all those months before I bought it (iirc, it had a 2019 expiration date)? Allahu Alim.

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