Just before tearing my knee up,* I took a nice walk around Fayetteville. It was a lovely late winter day in Northwest Arkansas, and it was just nice to be out, wandering around aimlessly with a camera (or three). 

Some of this gallery is a bit ruin porny. Apologies. I’m not much for that, but it’s just what the backside of some of the old buildings in downtown Fayetteville look like.

And it’s too early to give the Silberra Pan 200 a real review. I’ve only shot the one roll of it, after all, but it seems to be a decent, middle of the road black & white stock. I don’t see much to complain about or to praise either, or maybe I don’t know what I’m looking at…

Silberra don’t give times for HC-110 (or Ilfotec HC), so I extrapolated from their times for Rodinal and XTOL and found something that matched… I don’t remember what, though, and can’t find it now in the Massive Dev Chart, but Ilfotec HC, 1:63, for 12 minutes seems to do the trick.

Look forward to next week… it’ll be all about Silberra Ultima 200, God willing.

*Now, all these months later, it’s back to just being a knee, rather than being a torn MCL… Alhamdulillah for the body’s ability to heal itself!

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