A couple of months ago, Samie mentioned that my brother in law picked up tickets to Monster Jam for him, his brother, and little cousin, and I menitioned that if an extra ticket happened, I’d be glad to join in.

Well, a extra ticket did happen, but only after my brother in law snagged an extra ticket for me. Thanks, Fami, and Jazak Allahu Khair! What a good time that was.

It was really something for kids… from our vantage point, those giant trucks looked like average-sized Hot Wheels, and with all the all jumps and backflips and whatnot, they probably looked that way to the guys driving them too.

We missed the first round of competition,* but arrived in time for the short track races, the best trick contest, and the freestyle runs. There was a bit of junk car smashing, but it was mostly Monster Trucks jumping, spinning, and, yes, flipping (and flipping over)…

Lomography Color 800 gave me some hand-holdable shutter speeds. This was my first roll of it, ever, and I’m fairly impressed!

*By “competition” here, I mean something like professional wrestling, like a cross between pro wrestling and action sports. They treated it like action sports, but it seemed much more like Wrestlemania to me…

Yes, I know, I’m too cynical.

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