The first day of summer means it must be time for the #summerfilmparty!

For my first roll in this three month event, I went with Labeauratoire’s [kromiəm] 500. I think the fix part of my E6 blix might be exhausted, because I got some insane grain. When I make some time for it, InshaAllah I’ll stick a bit of it into some fresh fix and see if the grain clears up some. If it’s not the blix, I’m at a loss to explain why I got such results this time around: the first roll I shot through (and never shared anything from) was a bit grainy, but about on par with ISO400 film. This time… sheesh.

If you know anything about the Easy E6 kit or home processing of slide films, please give me a clue about where this grain may have come from. The chemicals were mixed in August 2016, stored in a cool dark place, and this is the 8th roll through them. I got similar results (on the grain front, anyway) with my Expired Film Day rolls, and attributed some of the problems there to potentially exhausted blix. Reading a bit deeper into the Molecular Expressions page also points to time or temperature issues with the first developer, and maybe I left it in too long or agitated too much… Allahu Alim.

Anyway. I got my #summerfilmparty on with the FM3a and Nikon 75-150mm E Series lens, but didn’t get out much… With Ramadan, I was a bit more tied up than usual, and didn’t try very hard with this. Oh well.

I had some fun early on shooting streaking taillights at 75 and 150.

(Fog is due to the bulk loaded film: the first few shots of most bulk loaded rolls have some general fog.)

After that, I shot a bit around the office, including one that I *might* use in the website redesign that might be just around the corner.

And I shot on on the way home, during a nice early July rain shower.

I burned through the last 2/3 of the roll at home. Between Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon, I booked about 14 hours of work from home. Alhamdulillah for the new, salaried, position.

I did manage to get a nice shot of a bird, though.

And I finished out the roll in haste, late on Saturday evening.

Doubtful my #summerfilmparty entries (if I ever get them up) will win any awards, but I had fun anyway, and I’m thankful to be able to take part in these film parties, with such a wonderful group of people all over the world.

If you want to join in, the shoot weeks happen in the first week of every month, and the party is open to any chrome film, any black & white film with iso 50 or less, any color film with iso 100 or less, any black & white or color infrared film, and any paper or glass plate, so get a camera loaded up and get ready to start shooting, just in time for July 4th fireworks!

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