Today, I’m thankful for solidity. Flexibility has it’s place, for sure, but sometimes we need something to fix to, some firmness, certainty, some hard and fast rules.Buildings: in some places they need to be a little bit flexible, but overall, we like our manmade structures to be solid.

Bones: it would be no good if our bones were something akin to wet noodles. Allah knew what He was doing when he made the support structure solid, and the rest of us mostly flexible.

Recommended minimum internal temperatures for commercial meats: anything less might not kill the bacteria and whatnot that thrives on factory farms and in genetically modified animals, and nobody wants to get hit by a food-borne bacterial infection.

Exposure times for photographic film, while merely a recommendation, certainly need to be attended to a bit more than I did with the image up top, but then I was on vacation, juggling 4 cameras, and snapping away like a madman, so I’ll have to forgive myself for not checking my settings, and I’ll have to get back to Chicago one day to try and do a better job.

In Islam, where some of the practical parts of the faith are flexible, the belief side is very strict. We believe in:

  • Allah, the only one worthy of worship
  • Angels
  • the Holy Books
  • the prophets, peace be upon them all
  • the Day of Judgement
  • the Divine Decree

May Allah make our Iman firm and steady, and keep us on the straight path, Ameen.

Alhamdulillah for some solidity, and for the balance that flexibility brings to the equation.

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