With three or four days left in May, I managed to weasel myself into the May edition of @CraftyMoni‘s postcard swap.

tl;dr: I got the better end of the deal.

Mr. Dobbs is a printer and freelance photographer based in South Wales, UK, and the prints he sent are lovely: a couple of soft, pastel beach scenes, and a print of his @Neopantastic entry “pins.” I lucked out! MashaAllah.

I’m not much of a printer, and so Tim got stuck with two 4×6 prints of some random photos from my archive. Apologies, Tim! Hopefully they arrive safe and aren’t too much of a disappointment.

If you’re a film shooter and would like to join in the fun for June, print some photos and mail them to a stranger, go and sign up. And don’t wait till the last minute like I did…

For more about Tim, check out his website and blog or give him a follow on Twitter. You won’t be disappointed.

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    1. It is a great thing to do, for sure. I very much look forward to participating in future swaps, seeing more prints, and improving my own process.