Unboxing the FPP’s Mr. Brown Gift Box

For a limited time, back in 2016, one could score 4 rolls of limited edition Mr. Brown ISO 6 film and one roll each of FPP edu 200 and RetroChrome 320, plus a can of Mr. Brown Coffee for $19.99 from the FPP Online Store.

My box inexplicably arrived with 3 rolls of Mr. Brown and 2 of Edu 200 (plus the RetroChrome and Mr. Brown). I contacted the FPP about it, and I’ll update when I hear back from them. I’m a bit disappointed: I expected 1 test roll and 3 project rolls, but I’ll be happy enough with this, and, God willing, I’ll post a review of the film at some point later.

If you’re reading this, and it’s still October 2016, get out and order a box! 6 rolls of film and a can of coffee for $32 shipped… works out to about $.25 per frame with a free can of Mr. Brown thrown in, so it’s a steal!

Edit: got an email from Justin at the FPP Store this morning (10/24) with an apology and a promise to send out the missing roll of Mr. Brown. GoGo great service! Thanks, FPP!

Edit 2: At 12:30pm on 10/24, I received a shipping notification: 1 roll of Mr. Brown is headed my way First Class USPS. The great service continues.

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