I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I go into work early. Even in the longest days of summer, my commute to work takes place essentially at night. Not so good for holding the camera steady, but fun, for sure.I shot the roll these came from back in April, when I was trying to shoot through the last couple of rolls of HD 400 I had.

I might not like the HD 400 much, but it did all right in the dark, with a camera that was running low on batteries… I never really knew what the lights in the viewfinder are all about, and for the record, the one on the left indicates that the battery is in good shape, while the one on the right only shows up when the LC-A thinks the shutter speed might be a bit too slow.Dallas, TX 2016

I’m not 100% certain that the battery check light was on, but I’m positive that the slow shutter light was burning bright for these. It never stopped me before, and it won’t stop me again.

Dallas, TX 2016


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