Late last spring, we planted a climbing rose on the empty front corner of the house. It started growing, and I started shooting…

20160507-1423-random-start-remberance-jamesecockroft-4971It grew some more, and I shot some more.

Irving, TX 2016

It kept growing; I kept shooting.

Irving, TX 2016

And then I finished a roll and forgot all about it…

I’m processing some long forgotten film, stuff from back in May. I’ll be dribbling out stuff like this whenever I find a little something to string together. I hope you enjoy!

I massaged these for awhile, until I got something I liked out of each of them. They were shot at different times of the day and under different conditions, but I’m still a bit surprised how different they all are, especially given that they all came from the same roll. I’d like to find a way to get the color more correct, or more like whatever the film would’ve given in a minilab, but I’m not really sure how to go about that. InshaAllah I’ll mess around some and try to find something: Capture One is pretty good about setting white balance from the film base… I know that film bases are different colors, but I wonder if Minilabs knew that. My dad worked at a Ritz Camera in the early 1990s and I remember they did some minor color correction, but it was very minor. I’ll reach out to him and see if he has any ideas… If you have any, please leave them in the comments. Thanks!

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