Ramadan Mubarak!

The blessed guest has arrived once again, all thanks and praise be to Allah for granting us another opportunity to experience its blessings.Suhoor today was 3/4 cup of coffee, two multigrain blueberry eggo waffles (one with peanut butter smeared on top), a date, a couple of strawberries, and two glasses of water. As of 12:30pm, I’ve experienced the usual pang of hunger about 10:30am and the strong desires for comfort foods drift in and out (Hanabibti: if you’re reading this: hint), and Allah has made fasting easy for the believers: Alhamdulillah, and may he count me among their ranks.

It’s been many months since I fasted last, and I forgot all about the clarity of thought that comes in when I’m not busy chugging coffee and munching on whatever I have on hand to munch on. May Allah guide me to use that clarity to focus on Him, on worshiping Him, on trying to move closer to Him, Ameen.

Oh, and apologies, but I’m not doing a Ramadan photo project this year. InshaAllah I’ll share some thoughts, Ayat, hadith, and whatnot, and Allahu Alim. InshaAllah I’m going to focus on my worship: improving my Salat, memorizing some more Quran, and generally trying to be better.

If you’re fasting now too, may Allah make it easy on you. And if you’re not fasting, maybe try it sometime… it’s best when you do it for God, but abstaining from food and water for 16 hours or so brings some health benefits and physiological changes that are wonderful to experience. Just drink plenty of water early in the day (about a quart is good for me), plus some food (like a couple of waffles, a bowl of cereal, some fruit), then go about your business till sunset and eat a light, healthy dinner and drink some more water. Your body will thank you for it, and God willing, you’ll receive other rewards.

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