Waste Not, Want Not

After my disappointment with the HD 400, I decided to shoot through as much of it as possible, as fast as possible.

To that end, I loaded a roll into the FG and just shot around at random. It still took awhile, too long, really, and at about frame 18, the meter locked up again.* I pulled the film out and finished it off in the FE (but forgot that the FE was set on ISO 50 from the fun I had with [not yet mentioned, soon though, maybe] so the last 6 or 7 shots were wildly overexposed (3 stops) and all shot from the window of the car while waiting at stoplights… waste indeed).

Hanabibti, backlit

But waste is sinful, and may Allah forgive me for wasting even this mediocre film. It did just fine with backlit Hana, if a bit grainy. And Alhamdulillah, after looking through this roll and finding a bunch of meh, I’m despairing a bit and wanting to be more purposeful about my photography.

rain, dusk

I did have a fair amount of trouble scanning this roll (and some others, and I recently completely failed to find a way to scan the photographs produced by a birthday gift), so I’m feeling a bit discouraged anyway, but I paid ~$25 for 6 rolls of HD 400, and shouldn’t waste even $0.17/shot (plus chemicals, and especially my time).

dusk, rain

Allah azza wa jall is the only provider, and to waste his provision in this manner is shameful.

May Allah forgive me and guide me to better than this, Ameen.

*I really need to find the cause of that, and fix it if I can. I still can’t seem to get the winder off, and without removing the winder, I can’t get the top off to locate and clean the little sensor that reads if there’s film in the camera and if it’s wound on properly, and that may or may not be dirty and therefore the cause of the FG woes.

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