In a desperate attempt to finish off the roll of Fuji Superia XTRA 400 that had been wound up in it for almost a month, and because I quite enjoy shooting with it, I took the LC-A along on one of my #lunchbreak photowalks last week. I muddied my shoes up a good bit and had a great time, then went back to work.


So from the office, down the elevator, caddy corner from the parking garage, at the back corner of the office park, there’s an abandoned LA Fitness. There’s a temporary construction fence there that looks to have been there for many months (and has) and if you walk through the blown-down gate and down a gravel construction road thing, you find soccer and lacrosse fields, a cricket pitch, some sand volleyball courts, and a nice patch of wild area on the corporate office park side of a little creek.

When and if I bring some an extra pair of shoes to work, InshaAllah I’ll go explore a bit more, maybe see if the what appear to be trails actually are… I started to on this day, but I already had so much mud on my work shoes, and the trail, if that’s what it is, looked muddier than where I’d already been, and I had hit about 14 minutes and needed to start heading back.


But not before getting a better shot of the creek. A couple of months ago, all this was underwater, hence all the mud and the snowdrifts of garbage (not pictured, yet…)

Walking back up the hill, I got a better look at the former fitness center. Looks like it’d be fun to explore a bit sometime.

And after all these months, I’m finally starting to get a handle on what .8 meters really looks like…

I’m a bit of a sucker for chain link. Something from my childhood, I think. When I was a little kid, all the fences were chain link. Then they were all wood. Now they’re all plastic.

I still prefer the chain link.

So that’s the first LC-A #lunchbreak. There are more to come, I’m sure, though not with quite the same frequency as the ones currently going up almost weekdaily on the Tumblog. Allah knows how long I’ll be able to keep that running. InshaAllah it’ll be awhile.

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