A couple of weeks ago, my newish boss realized that almost the entire office was not following the Lunch Break policy, and so mandated that we all take lunch breaks. I found it interesting that none of my previous 5 bosses chose to enforce the mandated lunch breaks, but decided to treat it as an opportunity rather than a punishment, so I started going for walks around the office park and its environs and posting pictures to my tumblog.

It now seems that lunch breaks might not be required after all…

A previous boss checked with the HR rep for his department, and that person said that the important part of “lunch breaks must be at least thirty minutes” (in Texas, anyway) is the ‘at least thirty minutes’ and not the ‘lunch break.’ The HR rep for the department my current boss falls under thinks it’s the lunch break part. Hopefully they’ll come to some sort of agreement.

Part of me hopes that they’ll decide it’s the 30 minutes, in which case, I’ll likely go back to not taking a lunch break and leaving 30+ minutes earlier. The rest of me hopes to continue this project.

I need a good project. Whether or not #lunchbreak makes a good project remains to be seen, and I’ll never know if I don’t keep it up.

The above, and this one here, are outtakes from the first lunch break. I didn’t share anything that day. So far, the published #lunchbreak shots have been shot (or processed) with Hipstamatic on the iPhone 5. I’ve shot some film with the LC-A and some ORFs with the C-5050, and if any turn out, I’ll probably share them here, or file them away for rainy days.

I hope you enjoy #lunchbreak!

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