After a bunch of nonsense from the LC-A, how about some (very slightly) better stuff from the FG?

Up on the 5th floor of an office building, you get an interesting vantage point on sunrises. I usually have my head buried in the work computer and don’t notice, but sometimes, I happen to be up fetching coffee or something and notice and have the gall to grab a camera and shoot out the window.

Most of the time, I don’t get anything. I’m not saying I got anything this time either, but at least I’m sharing.

Apologies for the hard water stains… looks like it’s time to freshen up the stop bath or something. I did the finger squeegee trick a couple of times and that usually works fine, but not this time.

Oh well.

I also notice, and only just now, that I didn’t get the horizons quite square… sheesh… Oh! I know why: the horizon isn’t square, so I made the fountain and wall vertical and called it good.

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