12 Days in Costa Rica: Day 1

Equifax hired some new linkage people in Costa Rica and sent me down to train them again, this time for 12 days. I arrived Sunday the 15th of February and returned to Dallas on February 27.

It was a good trip: the training went well; I stayed in a different hotel in a classy neighborhood and with restaurants nearby; I had a weekend to myself—more or less—that I could spend exploring around the hotel and doing whatever; the food was good, people friendly/smart/eager, and the weather lovely. But it was still a work trip. I put in just under 100 hours in those 12 days and since I started at 7am and went until at least 4pm, I only got out to see the San Jose or the country a couple of times.

I don’t have pictures from corresponding dates, but the plan here is to share pictures from the trip for the next 12 days: as the days and dates in March correspond to the days/dates in February, this seems like a good-enough plan.

So. One month ago today, I boarded a plane at DFW in the late afternoon and flew direct to San Jose. I sat in a middle seat and arrived after sunset, and my confidence in shooting strangers is low, so shooting options were a bit limited.

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