Film is an interesting thing.

I think it depends on manufacturer, but some of it dries very flat, some of it curls right back up, even tries to curl with a weight at the bottom; some of it twists up into a spiral.

This particular roll of Lomography Color 100 bowed a bit and curled a bit: so much so that I had to ‘scan’ the film upside down: it was a big pain. Interesting, because it was the third such roll I developed, and the only one to behave in this unruly fashion.

Also, on the LC-A: not only does it expose frame 00 properly, it shoots strainght to the end of the roll. I had to clip the weights through the last frame.

It left some interesting effects, sorta, and is probably something I could exploit.2014-Anniversary, Protest, Etc.|44|©JamesECockroft-20141224

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