As mentioned before, the LC-A is a groovy little camera, and I have no regrets in picking it up.

That said, it does have some quirks interesting features.

Insofar as it has it’s quirks, it—like most every other camera ever made—is capable of producing (or helping to produce) some decent pictures.

First, the quirks… I’m not sure there are many good pictures on this roll.

1) the shutter resets before the film is fully advanced, and if you’re not careful, you can end up with pictures that overlap slightly.

I had a couple that overlapped even more, but it was never a huge amount.

2) The—I don’t know what to call it…—registration seems a bit off. 2014-Arboretum, Lake Carolyn, Random|31|©JamesECockroft-20141224You can see it at work in the overlap pic too, and this shift is roughly equivalent to the amount of overlap you can get if you don’t wind it all the way.

These are both fun-ish sorts of quirks: the first could make for some interesting juxtapositions/relations; the second encourages crops that reveal the film.

Now take another look at the registration pic above. I included this also to show the character/quality of the bokeh: it’s a bit nervous at small apertures. This only shows up under certain circumstances, but those circumstances are ones under which I regularly shoot: close up, with a variegated background.2014-Arboretum, Lake Carolyn, Random|28|©JamesECockroft-20141224

There’s also a nice swirl to the the background from the Mintar lens: pretty! (pardon the flare in the upper right… I’m not sure where that came from.)

Another fun thing: it’ll shoot frame 0, and expose it more or less correctly!2014-Arboretum, Lake Carolyn, Random|2|©JamesECockroft-20141224

And with all it’s quirks, the LC-A is well capable of producing some decent pictures, given the right subject, framing, etc.2014-Arboretum, Lake Carolyn, Random|27|©JamesECockroft-20141224


This looks like a postcard from about 1983, to me.

Developing notes: this roll got hit with the film squeegee… I think it got scratched a bit, or maybe the LC-A did the scratching: I’ll check the forthcoming pictures from it and the roll that’s currently in it to see if the LC-A is at fault.

Lomography LC-A, Fuji Pro 160S (expired), digitized iwth the Scan-O-Matic 7000, and processed in Lightroom 5.



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