One idea I had for something fun to play around with this year is to process some film shots with some of the apps on the phone. So I created a folder to sync between computer and phone, and just tried one, with what seems to be interesting results…

Here’s the recently-posted original:

And here’s a version that took a quick trip through Snapseed:

The second is a bit garish, too contrasty, too structured, to be sure, but the skin color is much closer to correct, and there’s a bit more detail that works well.

Some of the techniques for converting negatives in Lightroom I read suggested to save the converted and white-balance corrected file as a tiff, and then import and process the tiff. Most authors and commenters suggested this seemingly only to make the sliders work the correct way. (When you invert negatives in Lightroom, white becomes black, shadows become highlights, orange becomes blue, etc.)

But if I can do this with a jpg and the phone, I wonder what I could get out of a tiff and Lightroom? I’m going to have to give it a shot.

If you have any thoughts, please share them!

Pentax Espio 35-70 AF Zoom, Lomography Color 100, developed at home, “scanned” with the as-yet-unnamed rig, processed in Lightroom 5, and handed off to the iPhone 5, where the resulting jpg was tortured in Snapseed.


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