Still playing with pics from the first Macro Monday. This is kinda fun, really.

D7000. mamiya/sekor 50mm f/2, reversed. Pop-up flash popped in manual mode, but I don’t remember the settings, and they’re not in EXIF as far as I can tell. About 5 minutes of slider play in Lightroom 5 (made over several days).

And this last point brings me to an observation, something that I remember from back in art school: when you’re working on a piece of creative work (be it writing, drawing, painting, or sliding pixels (or any other sort of really, and not just the creative ones)), it’s good to sometimes take a break, walk away, clean the brain out a bit, lest you overwork it and end up crossing it all out and starting over again (or putting some more schlock out into the world).

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