Happy Martin Luther King Day! May this day serve to remind us of 1) the power of the people to change living, working, economic, cultural, etc. conditions; 2) the right of the people to push back against those in power, the local/regional/national government, and any other entity or entities that cause the undesired state of affairs to endure; 3) the lengths the state and those in power will go to maintain the status quo.

And if you’re not already out shopping or something, why not take a moment find a cause you believe in and sign a petition or write your congressperson, or maybe make up a placard, join a parade, and make joyful noises up and down in front of some symbol of whatever thing you most despise about this world.

As a follow-up to last week’s Macro Monday, please enjoy this week’s examination of the capabilities of the Lens Baby’s two close-up filters.

Interestingly, it does appear that the order of stacking has some minor impact on the overall magnification, though it is exceedingly minor. In order, below, the x4 filter alone, then the x10 filter, then the x4 stacked on the x10, and last the x10 stacked on the x4.

D7000. Lens Baby Muse (plastic optic). ISO800, f/4 drop-in aperture, AP mode. Minor exposure/contrast adjustments in Lightroom 5.

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