As mentioned previously, the appearance of the Photojournalism snappack jogged my memory about playing around with BlackKeys Extra Fine film for the 7/52 last week. I did most of my shooting for the week with the Diego lens/BlackKeys Extra Fine film combo, but did switch over to the Lowy lens/Blanko BL4 film a couple of times, just to give a bit of flavor, and just to see if the combo was any good. So check it for yourself, if you’re interested. Compare and contrast, maybe, the Photojournalism pack with the Diego/BlackKeys Extra Fine combo.

The Lowy lens is somewhat desaturated, and slightly contrasty, but is otherwise fairly accurate, and I look forward to doing more playing around as opportunities arise…

iPhone 5. Hipstamatic. Diego & Lowy lenses, BlackKeys Extra Fine & Blanko BL4 lenses. Some cropping/straightening (only allowed due to the lack of a border in these films (hooray!) in Lightroom 5.

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