With the release of new film & lens filters comes (not much) responsibility to test them out and report findings…

I’ve wanted to do a black & white week again for some time, and I thought I’d found my chance when the Long Island hipstapack (with BlackKeys Extra Fine film & Florence lens) appeared last month. Alas, I didn’t jump on it straight away, and forgot about it until the  the Photojournalism snappack appeared. Given that I’m rarely have much of a plan for the project these days, it seemed like a good time to play around a bit.

I originally intended to test out different lenses with the BlackKeys Extra Fine film, but forgot and/or couldn’t be bothered to swap lens filters, so you’re stuck with the Diego lens. Together, the combination yields decent results. I’m not a big fan of the vertical and horizontal lines that appear (not sure if they’re from the film or lens filters… testing would help), but the contrast and sharpness are good, and I appreciate the crisp edge. All in all, it works pretty well, I think, and I should practice more with B/W. Maybe some day soon, or maybe a project for some future date.

iPhone 5. Hipstamatic (classic). Diego lens, BlackKeys Extra Fine film. Some slight cropping and very slight adjustments in Lightroom 5.

Oh! And you get an extra this week, you lucky people you!

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