If I was more awake, or had my mind on the business at hand, I’d come up with some sort of silly sub-title for this… The Revenge, perhaps, or The Awakening, or who knows. If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them!

Given that that’s all I can come up with just now means I either need more coffee or more sleep, or maybe I should slow down on the coffee, maybe I slept too long.

Anyway. I shot exclusively with the Nikon 75-150mm E-Series lens that I broke long ago, and that now only works when mounted in reverse as sort of a macro lens that focuses (via the zoom ring) from ~4″ (1.75:1, if I recall) to well past infinity. Hence Zomb-E.

I shot pretty much every day, but didn’t challenge myself much, though I did try to shoot crepe myrtle blossoms blowing in the wind. One thing I wish I’d captured competently: the blooming cactus & agave plants around the apartments. I’d never seen an agave bloom before and who knows when/if I will again. I might try to shoot it again, and should today, but the flowers have mostly died, and I expect the agave itself will follow, as I just read that Agave plants are monocarpic. And GoGo learning something every day!

EXIF is in the lightbox, and if you’d like to see more work from the Zomb-E, or from the 75-150 prior to its zombification (most of which were shot with the lens reversed, but still… it wasn’t broken at the time), please click around a bit.

Oh, and lest I forget, one of these is not like the other, and I’m glad I shot a couple of safeties…

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