Yesterday found me in Downtown Grapevine with the Dallas Photo Walk MeetUp Group. It was overcast all morning, with some very occasional sun just peeking through the clouds. Lighting conditions made things a bit tricky, but the Nikon 36-72mm f/3.5 E Series performed very well, and it was really good to see the group again, as it’s been several weeks since I made the time to join them.

In some sense, shame on me… in other senses, I’ve had very very very very good reasons to be away: Life is Wonderful just now.

I made two laps up and down Main Street, from the old Railroad Dept to the donut shack and back, which made for good exercise, and got a couple of decent shots, anyway. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Everything was shot with the aforementioned E Series lens, exif is in the lightbox, if you care, and most received 20-40 seconds of well-thought-out slider play in Lightroom 4. (Debating whether to upgrade to 5 or not, but probably shouldn’t spend the money just now: there is something far more important to save for at the moment.)

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