It was a fairly grey and gloomy week here in North TX. Several grey days, a couple of rainy days, and a general sort of mental/emotional/physical malaise descended around me early on, and hasn’t really let up.

I expect the personal stuff is diet-related, as I’ve cut out out the sugar-and-junk-food binging I’d been enjoying since moving to the new place. It’s really amazing what sugar and fat do the body, and the effects removing those (or severely limiting their intake) do to the mind.

Anyway, I decided early on to make this the first Zomb-E week. (There may be others in the future, but I really have no idea what the future will bring, other than continued aging, hopefully new experiences, personal growth/regression cycles, and the like, but nothing so specific as what future themes will appear in this project.) I love that lens, despite it’s broken nature, chromatic aberration, near impossibility of achieving sharp focus at any apertures, etc. It has a character that no other lens even comes close to precisely because of its problems.

D7000. Nikon 75-150mm f/3.5 Zomb-E Series. Various ISOs and shutter speeds; perhaps some variation from f/3.5 in some shots, but exif is blind when an old manual lens is reversed, and memory fails. Most had 30 seconds-2 minutes of slider play in Lightroom.

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