Well, I went and did it… I didn’t intend to, but I ended up at the Apple store, and so I pulled the trigger on an iPhone 5. I didn’t really need a new phone, but I spent much of the morning fighting with technology of various types, and I did need a treat of some sort. Chocolate or a milkshake would’ve likely been better ideas, but neither were there in the Apple store with me, so…

I shot this gorgeous sunrise on the way to take the laundry out this morning. It was so pretty that I stopped and shot a few frames. I’m glad I did, too, because I have no will left to pull out the big camera and make a picture, or even to try one with the new phone.

Oh well. It’s almost dinner time, many of my tedious tech projects will end overnight tonight or early tomorrow, and I’ll hopefully be able to spend a couple of days actually relaxing on this end of year vacation.


iPhone 4. Built-In camera app in HDR mode. Two shots combined and tweaked in TrueHDR, then had a B/W luminance layer added in Filterstorm, then went to Dynamic Light to blow up the color a bit, then back to Filterstorm for the crop I forgot to make earlier.

I’ll miss you, iPhone 4. You were my first smartphone, and you were the one that got me shooting seriously. Here’s hoping your cousin can be even half the camera you are.

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