After 350, you’d think I’d remember to reset the camera after I get done shooting for the day.


After shooting the HDR of the crumpled paper yesterday, I left the camera in bracket mode and at ISO400.

For the first 8 shots of a picture-making session that should’ve taken maybe 3, maybe, I finally realized that the wild, incomprehensible variations in exposure were neither particularly wild nor particularly incomprehensible: the D7000 was still in bracket mode.

And then the last two bites of banana fell onto the floor, leaving me the option of coming up with another subject or torturing one of the under- or over-exposed shots from the silly, face-palmy error into submission.

And then Aperture crashed the mac twice, and I had to rebuild the library (after determining that Aperture was the culprit). This left me more determined than ever to switch to Lightroom in 2013.

I’m tired.

D7000. Sigma 30mm f/1.4. ISO400, 1/400th (Bracketed AP mode: should’ve been ~1/100th), f/1.4, -2 EV (Bracket mode, again). 50 minutes of torturous, computer-crashing slider and brush play in Aperture including perhaps 2 or 3 minutes of actual image processing.

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