Best laid plans… I was wrapping up the last bit of work today when I got a simple question from the boss.

While I was typing up a simple reply to the simple question, I received a request for some metrics from my team.

I sent of the simple reply to the simple question and opened the metric spreadsheet to add my data.

Sadly, the metric spreadsheet was out of date by at least two weeks, and it too, me about 40 minutes to sort everything out and send back my numbers.

I looked at the clock. It indicated that I had reached and breached the 9.5 hour mark for the day.

So I didn’t finish the little bit that I had left; I shut everything down and left, as I had plans to go shoot the (soon-to-be) new apartment.

I went and shot the (soon-to-be) new apartment. I took measurements of all the rooms, the doors and windows and portals to other spaces, and noted the locations of power and phone and cable lines. I talked to a couple of (soon-to-be) new neighbors. I drove home.

Oh my, were the texting-while-driving drivers out in force today!

I spotted this while stopped at a stop light that I wouldn’t have had to stop at had the jerk three cars ahead not been busy with something other than driving his/her car. I grabbed the camera and shot two quick shots before the light changed and I could finally come home (where Aperture decided that its Library was corrupted and in need of repair, again: two days in a row! GoGo!).

Had I been maybe five feet closer to the intersection, this would’ve been lined up perfectly dead center, but had the jerk not been too busy to drive, I would’ve missed it all together and I’d be fumbling around trying to find something to shoot instead of writing this too-long rant, so GoGo, I guess.

Also, had there been a goofy dog-walker or some men in suits/hats or a couple necking or some kids running by or a leggy blonde strutting somewhere or some other non-exploitative human subject in the frame, this would be a mediocre street shot instead of… whatever this is.

Again: I’m tired. (<– also two days in a row…)

D7000. Nikkor 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G at 18mm. ISO100, 1/400th, f/10, in Program mode (where my special, double secret real estate shooting user settings are based). About 2 minutes of slider play in Aperture.

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