Focusing a reversed 50mm by rocking back and forth is difficult. Good exercise, but difficult. And it eluded me today, but I got closer than yesterday, so that counts for something.

At two separate points, I was busily shooting bees, stopped, looked up, found a couple pushing a baby stroller stopped inches from me, and realized I was blocking the sidewalk.

Two different times; two different couples; two different strollers. And two different babies, presumably.

Anyway. This picture has some problems. That the bee is not in particularly sharp focus is the least of its problems. The lighting is mid-Afternoon Awful, the composition is amateurish, and the framing incomprehensible.

All are good reasons to go and try again tomorrow!

Today’s record: the first ~40 minutes of TV on the Radio’s Nine Types of Light, which sadly was not quite dancy or poppy enough to keep me from worrying, though I was able to power through the worry and force myself to keep going two different times.

D7000. Vivitar 50mm f/1.8 (Cosina), reversed. ISO400, 1/6400th (APmode), f/1.8, -1EV. About 3 minutes of slider play in Aperture to try to salvage a bit of dignity from what was a rather nice walk, if a largely poor showing in the photographic arena.

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