I got an early start on the 365 shooting today, messing around with food coloring again, when the SB-700 decided to do it’s periodic lock-up thing.

Oh well. No big deal: power off (which appears to do nothing), pop open the battery door, wait a couple of seconds, close the battery door, power on, and go back to shooting as usual (this happens from time to time, and is not in any way heat related).

This time, however, when I got to the last step (powering on and going back to shooting), nothing. The power didn’t return.

Ok. Fresh eneloops. Nope.

Ok. Recharge the fully charged eneloops. Nope.

Ok. Try regular old throw-away batteries. Nope.

2 hours of cussing later, it appears the SB-700 has died. After ~9 months of periodic (maybe once a mont) usage.

The interwebs have been of no help.

Luckily, I have the receipt, and the camera shop where I bought it is on the way home, so maybe I can get some service on it… it should still be under warranty.

If not, that’s ~$400 thrown away, and I’ll switch to manual-only off-brand flashes and other accessories from here on out.


So this I made this after the flash failed. I like the swirly patterns, and decided it might look better in B/W, so: groovy, I guess.

I’m too bothered by the failure of yet another piece of expensive electronics to much care.

D7000. Nikon 75-150mm f/3.5 Zomb-E Series. ISO100, 1/4th (AP mode), f/3.5 (ignore the exif), -1EV. Radical processing in Aperture and a trip through Topaz Labs B&W Effects.

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