I don’t quite know why, but I got myself really worked up, agitated, stretched too thin, at work today, and the heat that accompanied the drive home, along with the multiple instances of poor blinker management and, shall we say, a rather avant garde attitude toward lane markers got me even more excited, and not in a pleasant or agreeable way.

This comes close to capturing the streaming and swirling of my current thought and emotional pattern, and the process of making and editing it should’ve relaxed me some.


So now it’s off to play video games and while away the evening, or at least the rest of the afternoon.

D7000. LensBaby Muse (Plastic). ISO100, 1/1600 (APmode), f/2 (ignore the EXIF: I didn’t change the non-cpu data before shooting like did yesterday…). Surprisingly mild processing in Aperture, given my attitude.

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