Gotta love that magic iPhone flare!

I arrived a bit early to work today, and slow-walked my way in, took some pictures of the empty parking lot and all, and generally took it easy getting in.

It’s been awhile since I managed to get almost perfect flare on the iPhone! I’m loving it.

Also: given that it’s the summer, this is Texas, and water is scarce, I wish they’d turn the damnable sprinklers off, or at least use wastewater… At least they’re watering well before sun-up. I guess that’s something.

I wonder what my part is in this particular waste of a precious natural resource… I do willingly work for a company that willingly rents office space from the property owners, and so my labor is partly going to pay for this waste.

Am I culpable?

Yes. Yes I am. And so are we all.

Is there an alternative? Do you have any ideas? Can I be entirely consistent with my values and still feed/shelter/clothe myself?

iPhone 4. Built-in camera app. ISO1000, 1/15th, f/2.8 (all chosen automatically, with no input from me). Mild adjustments and a trip through Topaz Labs’ DeNoise 5.

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