Big thanks to Rob Weiher over at G+ for pointing out the fabulous light-manipulating properties of the LensBaby!

I took a cosmology course at the community college many years ago, and I’m often surprised by 1) how much I remember from that class (like Planck), especially given how long ago it was and how much, um… er… fun I imbibed enjoyed in the interim and 2) how much some of the stuff has to do with photography.

Like radiation and light types/sources and time intervals and big bangs and all.


This was fun, and I think I want to do some more… maybe even see if I can’t mount the lensbaby on another lens for more/stranger effects, perhaps… should be good times.

D7000. LensBaby Muse (Plastic). ISO100, 1/2000th (APmode), f/2, -2EV. Mild-to-Medium processing in Aperture.

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