Vacuum created
by the arrival of freedom
and the possibilities
it seemed to offer
-from “Up The Hill Backwards,” by David Bowie, from Scary Monsters…

Also… more idols than realities, ooo-hooo, I’m ok, you’re so so Awesome.

Anyway… I messed around with this a bunch, but came back to a relatively unaltered one (relatively).

Strange thing: I tried to HDR two versions of this shot with CS6’s Merge to HDR Pro, but it never worked. The Merge to HDR bit would just stop, with no visual indication: it never even opened in the editing window. I expect this has to do with the upgrade to Mountain Lion I made today, but I’ve been unable to find a solution, or any report of a similar problem.

If you have any information, please pass it on (if you’ve even read this far)…


I really like the foggy, nebulous center portion on this, and the extreme tunnel view is really working. I just wish I could come up with more ways to produce this effect, and figure out a way to do something with multiple exposures too…

D7000. Nikon 75-150mm f/3.5 Zomb-E-Series. ISO100, 1/200 (APmode), f/3.5. Processing consisted of allover painting of Intensify Contrast and Definition at ~60% intensity, an allover painting of vibrancy at ~30%, a slight reduction in saturation, and slight adjustments to contrast, definition, and black point.

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