And this is another attempt at Levi Moore’s SLIproject, and it’s also not an entry for that project.

If you read yesterday’s novel-style WoT 365 project post, you have some idea of what this book has been through over its existence… for those of you who have better things to do, I got this volume of Jack Kerouac novels from the QPB Book-of-the-month club in 1993 or 1994, it went upside down in a car with me in 1994 and got rained on for several days before I retrieved it from the wrecking yard; it got rather horribly defaced by a drunk roommate in 1996 or 1997; it’s been to Illinois and Long Island with me, and has somehow made it, and only slightly-the-worse-for-wear…

I like how it sorta looks like an iguana, or maybe a beat-up old pirate, maybe… either one would likely have a shaky sense of diction, much like Brian Eno’s Dead Finks, perhaps. Anyway…

This particular 365 shot got rather more post work than usual…

It’s a 6-shot HDR, all shot with the D7000 and 75-150mm f/3.5 Zomb-E Series, at ISO100 and f/3.5, and bracketed at 1/15th, 1/8th, 1/4th, 1/2, 1″, and 2″. A couple of blue led lights and a yellow mini maglite provided the color. Photoshop CS6 Merge To HDR and Flat preset provided the starting point, and I don’t remember what all I pumped in there before adding a warming filter and doing some levels adjustments in PS. It then came back into Aperture for some minor tweaking of various things, as well as a lift to the blues, reds, and yellows, and I think it came out quite pretty, even if it does look sorta like a squinting pug in a tricorner hat!

And with that, I’ll wish you a Happy Independence Day!

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