All these are the days my friends and these these

I was trying for “it’s not so much a living hell” today for the SLIproject, but I didn’t get it. I did do some experimenting, though, and I know what I need to do to get (closer to) the result I want. I won’t bore you with further details…

Instead, I give you what I thought was going to be an outtake… I was just messing around, and found a bit of macroed book that looked strikingly like Mount Fuji, and I hastily slapped together a pano. Unfortunately, the lens that I used has some rather harsh vignetting on the right side of the image (left side of the lens) due to me having to hold my finger there to block up the excruciating light leak that would otherwise ruin the shot for me.

Anyway. The Mount Fuji pano failed, sorta… I’ll keep it around and may do some more work on it. It’s close to almost being something. Or I may reshoot it.

And this looks quite a bit like Knee 1 to me (the first several minutes anyway), and so it works for an attempt at the SLIproject, though I planned to shoot “Dead Finks Don’t Talk” all week…

D7000. Holga 60mm f/8, stacked on 100mm extension. ISO800, 1/15th (APmode), f/8 (non-adjustable on the Holga…). Mild-to-moderate processing in Aperture.

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