Downloaded the new Aperture 3.3… It took ~30minutes to update my library, and a minute to get the RAW converter panel back.

Overall, I like the look, though some of the stuff has been dumbed down a bit (the extra sliders in Shadows/Highlights, for example). The new preview functions are a bit strange too: I run a large second monitor, and I liked having three thumbnails per line, as there was enough of a preview to get a pretty good idea if that shot was the One. Now, maxed out at 4 per line.

I played around with the auto enhance (not for this shot, and by ‘play around’ I mean I opened up a mediocre shot and hit the Auto button) and it took a photo from Meh to “Hum, I guess” so I suppose that’s roughly win for most people’s purposes, though maybe iPhoto would do as good a job?

*Fingers-Crossed* that iPhoto and Aperture aren’t on their way to merging, though I’ve been pondering switching to Lightroom when I finish the 365, or hit day 183, or at some random moment. It would be a pain to have to keep Aperture around just to have access to edits, so hopefully there will be a DNG export option in a future version to solve all of that with, and it might be worth it to have lens-correction at my fingertips. And I like the idea of diversifying my computing providers some.

So there are my first thoughts on the new Aperture. Maybe you find it useful; maybe not. Either way, there they are.


D7000. Sigma 30mm f/1.4, reversed. ISO400, 1/20th, f/1.4. Extremely minimal processing in Aperture 3.3.

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