(originally posted to Google + via iPhone under the heading “this is not my 365 shot, but it’s the best I can do at present.”)

So I woke up this morning to find that last night’s electrical storm killed my modem. Oh well.

But the highway was beautiful and I got some neat shots of wobbling taillights and reflections. So win, maybe.

After work, I went to giant electronics store and purchased a modem from my interwebs provider’s approved devices list, brought it home, and got on the phone with tech support.

Level 1: unplug the modem and turn off your computer; plug the modem in and wait for all the lights to come on; turn your computer on and you’re ready to go! Did this work? [of course not, it’s a new modem!]

Level 2: nice lady got the mac address and model number, hit some buttons, and expected everything would work.

Except it didn’t.

30 minutes later…

Level 3: very friendly gentleman had no idea what was going on, except that they always have huge problems with this particular modem (the one from the approved devices list) and if I wanted to roll down to the office, he’d hook me up with their modem for $2.50 per month, or I could hang in the line while he tried to get it hooked up.

I decided to wait.

2 hours later, I’ve been advised to return the modem (from the approved devices list) and get a different modem that they have no problems with (but is not on the approved devices list).


tl;dr due to technical issues, you get this iPhone pic instead of the groovy pic I made this morning.

iPhone 4, Hipstamatic. John S lens, Cano Cafenol film. Rephotographed from the GSV (Google Street View).

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