From the time I woke up this morning—and even before, perhaps—I didn’t want to make another abstract picture for the 365, so I shot every chance I got today.

I shot the empty office at 5:35am when I arrived to work.

I shot (surreptitiously) coworkers, cubicle neighbors, and the big fancy bosses that occupied the conference room and boardroom all day.

I shot the roly poly that was scuttling around the mens room floor.

Every chance I got, I shot, with the goal of capturing a 365 shot before leaving work.

Alas, I don’t yet have much experience shooting nonchalantly with the phone while walking, and so the best shots came out blurry and the worst shots weren’t of anything.

So I decided to try the old shoot from the car window on the way home, and got this.

I’m not sure why I like this one. There’s some tension here, due to the frozen motion. There’s lots of repetition and plenty of stuff to lead the eye around. There’s just something… an ‘I know not what’ about this picture that made it the one.

And you wanna know something strange? I knew it when I tripped the shutter.

GoGo, I guess.

D7000. Nikkor 24mm f/2.8 ai. ISO100, 1/1600 (AP Mode), f/8, -1.33EV. Heavy-handed processing in Aperture, to bring out detail in the clouds and intensify the contrast everywhere else.

Comments and suggestions will be appreciated.

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