Yes, it’s another iPhone photo, taken while researching corporate locations at work via Gmaps. I spend quite a bit of time on Gmaps and the GSV (street view) every day, trying to track down known locations for various corporations. (Yes, my job is wildly exciting like that…) Whenever I see something neat, I snap 1-10 photos of it with Hipstamatic, and I usually randomize between shots, though lately I’ve been using some recipes I found in the great Hipstamatic shoot from last week.

Now the internet is back up, and I could avoid being lazy and make a nice macro shot or something with the d7000, but I can’t be bothered to today: I’m wiped out, the apartment is a wreck, and I’ve got to relate the story of getting the internet working again…

So I returned the modem that didn’t work yesterday, and traded it in for $60 off the $100 dollar modem the tier 2 tech guy told me would work.

I brought the new modem home, shot the guy an email, and unboxed the new modem.

I must say, it’s quite a bit uglier and more (bleak) futuristic than the previous model.

So I was unboxing, and I noticed that the included power supply was provided by a completely different manufacturer…

So I decided to try the new power supply with the old modem, just for grins while I was waiting for the tech guy to call me back. Lo and behold, it worked!

So now, I foresee a trip to RS, and yet another trip to giant electronics store in my future… or maybe I’ll just box up the fancy new modem and hold on to it for awhile… Naw. I’d rather have the credit at Fry’s, and I sorta like the RS, though I may order a proper replacement power supply and wait a bit before returning the new modem, since I have 30 days…. That’s probably what I’ll do, though I will be sleeping on it first: I’m wiped.

iPhone 4. Hipstamatic. Americana Lens, Blanko Film.

And if you like arial maps and crop formations as much as I do, run a Gmap search for “County Road QQ and County Road 31 near Yuma CO,” zoom out a bit, and start scrolling  West… Beauty awaits.

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