Not much to say about this one. I planned to go for a walk down to pay the rent, but then realized I needed (soy) milk and so took out recycling and goodwill donations along with the rent instead of walking. GoGo me for recycling and donating, and maybe I’ll still make it out to walk the streets of Old East Dallas, but I might just watch movies instead, even though I should really try to get some exercise of some sort today (and every day, for sure).

If I do go out walking, and if I do some shooting, and if I get anything worth sharing, I will… but in the mean time, maybe you’ll enjoy this one…

In other news, I’ve been craving meat today, specifically some crunchy barbacoa… I have no idea what that means, but I tend to only crave things that my body needs, so maybe I should pay attention and roll down to the tacqueria, though if I eat a bunch of greasy beef, I know it’ll be several days before I get a good night’s sleep… Should I pay attention to what the body is telling me, or try to find something to eat that agrees with my diet and hope the craving passes? I’ll likely do the latter, and if the craving persists, I’ll hit up the tacqueria in a day or two.

D7000. Vivitar 70-210mm f/3.5 Series 1 (Kiron), in Macro Mode, and deliberately defocused. ISO800, 1/25th (AP Mode), f/3.5, converted to b/w with Aperture.

Actually, it just dawned on me: I tried this shot with the iPhone, the 24mm, the 50mm, the Tokina 35-200 (straight and in macro mode), and the Vivitar (also straight and in macro) before finding that this defocused one worked the best. All in all, it took a couple of hours, lots of varied attempts to adjust the pixels into submission, and about 30 shots before I got to this, and the whole time I kept thinking “I should just grab the iPhone and go for a walk… I bet there are (comparatively) loads of people on the streets today, and it would really behove me to get some exercise and try to shoot some candid street stuff.”

Oh well.

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